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Is your big day coming up? Wedding photography is an integral part of your wedding and we all want the best when it comes to the big day. Choosing wedding photographers in Kenya is not as simple as choosing the other wedding vendors.

There are many wedding photography venues in Kenya that can be perfect for your wedding. However, wedding photography is less about the venue, but more about the creativity of the photographer.

With wedding photographers, you cannot be 100% sure what you are investing in until after you get the end product. If you are not careful, you might live to regret your decision. However, there are a few tips we have for you to ensure that you invest in the right wedding photographers.

5 Tips when Choosing Wedding Photographers in Kenya

So, what are these considerations you need to make when choosing a photographer for your wedding?  There are many more you can consider, but let us look at the 5 most important.

Wedding Photography in Kenya

1 Choose your Photography Style

It is your wedding day, so everything has to start with you. You will therefore need to choose on what photography you and your significant other would love. All photographers have their own style which can be evident from their works.

You can sit down with your soon to be spouse and get inspiration from around on the style that you want. You can check on Instagram posts, follow fashion bloggers just to get the sense of style that matches yours.

Download a bunch of photos for inspiration and select a few that you both think matches the exact style that you want for your wedding. You can go for the dramatic flair or keep it simple and classic. To keep things interesting, you can merge a few styles. You can choose one main photography style and incorporate others to complement this style.

2 Research on Wedding Photographers in Kenya

Research is key when it comes to wedding photography in Kenya. There are very many wedding photographers around. You can choose to go with freelancers or photography firms.

It starts with your friends who recently wed. Start by asking about their experience, their research, why they settled for the photographer they did and what the results were.

You can also search online for options that you can get. Consider searching for vendors on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Doing a simple Google Search can also get you a few options you can consider.

3 Setup Meetings with a few Photographers

From your research, you probably have a few favorites that you feel that you can consider. You can write them an email with details about your wedding just to find out about their availability. You can also share sample images that you have gathered so that they can have a rough idea of the photography style you wish to achieve.

It is very important that you meet up with the few photographers you have selected, in person. Arrange to meet up with at most 5 of the photographers that you have narrowed down to.

Get to know the photographer better. Ask about their previous works and the type of equipment they use. Be critical about their portfolio because this will greatly inform your decision about choosing the photographer for your wedding.

Ask for full wedding albums and do not rely on photos they post on their website only. Photographers tend to choose only the best to display. Full albums will give you a better picture about their capabilities and creativity. Make sure you critically inspect the albums with a keen eye on key moment during the weddings.

For instance, how well was the first kiss captured?

Wedding Photographers in Kenya

4 Ask for Packages and Compare

On your wedding budget, you probably have an allocation for photography. Ask for a quote from these photographers you have selected. Make sure that they give you a detailed quote and they should include their terms or separate contract.

Kenyan photographers charge different rates. There is no price scale for the service, but it is important that you get value for your money. Expensive does not always guarantee quality. On the other hand, cheap can also prove to be very expensive.

Do they have different wedding photography packages? What is the difference between the packages and which one will perfectly suit your needs?

Make sure that the packages cover the entire wedding from the pre-ceremony arrangements probably to the after party. Go through this with the photographer to ensure that you are on the same page in terms of hours of work. The man hours should also be included in the terms and conditions.

You should also make sure that there is a clear clause in the contract about rights and ownership of the photos. If you are not very sure, you might have to ask a lawyer to look into the terms for your own protection.

5 Get Ready for the D-day Together

All this does not just end with you paying the initial deposit. After settling on one photographer for your wedding, you still need to work with photographer to plan the details of the wedding day.

You should plan the shot list together and have an input of the most important shots that you want captured during your wedding. Make sure you take into considerations portraits that you want captured.

Never leave anything to chance. Get involved in the finer details, but be careful not to overdo this. Always remember that they are the professionals. So, take into consideration their technical advice and to some extent, let them explore their creativity.

With these few tips, you are ready for your big day.  Following these steps will ensure that you make a wise decision when choosing wedding photographers in Kenya. What other useful tips did we leave out? Share in the comment section below.

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